Frequently asked questions

Can I set up an appointment?

The only service that we offer appointments for is the road test. All other services are offered as a walk-in basis. We do not do appointments as we have found that walk-ins allow the community to receive the requested service in a more expeditious manner compared to the appointment model. The only downside to the this model is the lines can be long at times and they form early. As a way to make the wait a little more comfortable and stay within COVID-19 recommendations made by the CDC, we suggest that either you leave your number with us on the sign in sheet when you first come in so that you can wait in a comfortable place (car, local business or home if you live within a 20 minute radius of the office) or you can bring your own lawn chair so that you may sit while you wait outside. Waiting outside is necessary in order to comply with the CDC guidelines of 10 people or less in an office or place of business. We offer the later if you do not want to leave your phone number on our clipboard, which we understand and respect. We ask that you do wear a mask, but respect your right if you choose not to wear one. We also ask that people do not congregate near the bank. The bank manager has asked us to inform our patrons that for security reasons, he needs to have the area in front of his window and door to have an unobstructed view.

What services do you provide?

A concise list of services can be found on our services page.

What documents are required for a state issued driver's license/Travel ID?

In addition to your current driver's license, a list of needed documents is provided below. 1. Proof of identity Bring ONE of the following items: Birth certificate. (laminated birth certificates and birth certificates with extract or transcript recorded on them will not be accepted). U.S. Passport. Passport card. 2. Proof of Social Security Number (only required for new drivers) Bring ONE of the following items: Social Security card. (laminated Social Security cards will not be accepted) W-2 form. 3. Proof of Arizona residency ( not required for new drivers) Bring TWO forms of mail showing your current address (the following are examples): Utility bill. Credit card statement. Bank statement. Both forms of mail must have the identical address, but from different senders.

Do I require emissions for my vehicle before registering it?

If the address where the vehicle is kept is in or near Maricopa County, yes. The further away from Maricopa the address is located, the possibity goes down. In this instance, please call either office to find out offically if the emissions test is required. Testing location addresses are located at the web site

What documents do I need to register my out of state vehicle?

The following are a list of required documents: 1. Current registration or title 2. Passed emissions test results. Please reference the Q and A above for when emissions tests are required.