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At Power Tags we know that you have a choice when it comes to your motor vehicle registration, title, and licensing needs.  Therefore, we strive to offer you the best experience possible while you are with us.


Vehicle Registration

It's fast and convenient at Power Tags, Titles & More. Check your renewal notice or current registration to find your due date. This will help you avoid unnecessary late fees. Contact us for all your vehicle registration needs.

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Registration Services

Vehicle Title

When you buy a vehicle, Arizona law requires that you apply for a title within 15 days of purchase and submit the application to Power Tags, Titles & More to complete the process. We can help you with this process and ensure you are not purchasing a vehicle with forged documents.  Contact Us for all your vehicle titling needs.

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Title services

Registration Renewal

  • Initial Registration

  • 1-Year Registration Renewal

  • 2-Year Registration Renewal

  • 5-year Registration Renewal

  • Duplicate Registration

  • Replacement Plate/Tab

  • Vehicle Renewal

*If desired, registration renewals can be conducted over the phone by calling (520) 788-6014. All paperwork can be picked up at our office or mailed direclt to the designated address.  Contact Us for all your vehicle registration needs.

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Drivers License Services
Man in Car

Drivers License Issuance and Testing

Permit Testing

Road Testing

Driver's license issuance

Learner's permit issuance

State ID issuance


The above services are only offered at our Queen Creek location. You can schedule your Driving Test at our Queen Creek location >>here<<.

Contact Us for all your drivers license & permits, driver testing and permitting needs.

Drivers License Record

Duplicate Driver's License

Motor Vehicle Record 39 Months
Motor Vehicle Record 5 Years Certified
Motor Vehicle Record 10 Years Certified

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License Plates

Many plates may be personalized with a letter/number combination of your choice. In addition, a wide variety of specialty plates are available, in stock at Power Tags, Titles & More. We can get you your personalized plates.

  • Personalized Plate Orders

  • Permanent Placards

  • Specialty Plates

  • Temporary Placards

Contact Power Tags Titles & More for all your motor vehicle needs.

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License Plates

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections determine the identity of the vehicle and (in some cases) verify that a vehicle is properly equipped for highway use.


Level One Vehicle Inspections

Conducted at Power Tags, Titles and more. Level I inspections are for out-of-state vehicles without proof of title and/or registration, and for bonded titles. This is required only for certain vehicles. Most vehicles are successfully inspected and verified at this level.


Abandoned Vehicle Inspections

According to Arizona law, an "abandoned vehicle" is a vehicle, trailer or semitrailer that is subject to registration and has been abandoned on public or private property, whether lost, stolen, abandoned or otherwise unclaimed.


If you intend to take possession of an abandoned vehicle, it must be inspected.


Contact Power Tags, Titles & More for more information on where and when to have the abandoned vehicle inspected.

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Vehicle Inspections


Restricted Use 3-Day

The Restricted Use 3-Day Permit is valid for three (3) business days following the date of purchase. Weekends and holidays are not counted toward the permit's expiration time. Expired permits must be destroyed. You may be cited for the misuse of the Restricted Use 3-Day Permit.


30-Day General Use Permit

A 30-Day General Use Permit allows a person to operate a vehicle when no other permit applies. Only 1 per calendar year is authorized.


90-Day Registration

An Arizona resident who does not have complete documentation for issuance of a title or registration may apply for a 90-day registration. This registration allows you to operate the vehicle while obtaining additional documentation. When complete documentation is submitted, vehicle license taxes will be calculated, for the full year, back to the date of issuance of the 90-day registration.

Contact Us for all your permitting needs

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Other Services at Power Tags Titles and More

  • Abandoned Vehicle Fees

  • Address Change

  • Cash-Time Auto Loans

  • Credit Plate Refund

  • De-Insured

  • Finger Printing

  • Insurance Verification

  • Notary

  • Road Test

  • Sold Notice

  • SR-22 Re-Instatement

  • Vision Exam

Contact Us for all your motor vehicle registration, titling and drivers license needs.

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Others Services

Schedule Your Road Test

Contact Power Tags Titles and More to Schedule your Road Test Today!

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Road Test
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