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Welcome to our road test appointment scheduling page.  Please select a desired time and date to schedule the service.  If the scheduled appointment cannot be kept for whatever reason, please either make the change below to inform us of the appointment change/cancellation.

The documents required for applicants is their current passport or their unmutilated and unlaminated birth certificate, Arizona issued permit, unmutilated and unlaminated social security card, current registration and insurance (both must be from the same state).  If the applicant is under the age of 18, at least one parent needs to be present, both parent are required if there is a shared custody arrangement or the legal guardian of the minor.

Please also note, that our road test curriculum is directed by the state of Arizona and no portion of it may be modified by our clients or Power Tags.  The test includes a demonstration the following parking maneuver; come to a complete stop next to a designated curb on the street and reverse the vehicle about 10-20 feet and a road test on the public roads, which will be directed by the road test official.  We hope that everyone does well.  We are looking forward to adding you to the ranks of Power Tags tested road warriors!

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