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Don't Trash Arizona!

Let's Keep Arizona Beautiful!

Addressing the litter along our roadways and highways is a big problem for Arizona. Not only does it cost taxpayers money to pick up litter, but there are environmental, economic and health costs as well. Nearly 1.2 million pounds of litter is picked up from Valley freeways each year.

Did you know that cigarettes contain 165 poisonous chemicals, including arsenic and lead? When they are thrown out the window, not only can they quickly start a wildfire, they pollute our landscape and get into our storm drains which threatens our water supply. So keep your butts in your car!

Don't Trash Arizona PSA:

Tie It Down, Cover It Up, and Don't Overload It!

All types of debris is recovered from Arizona highways. Debris on the highway poses a danger to drivers and these common finds made the top of the list:

Make sure to always tie your load down, cover it up, and don't overload your vehicle!

According to Arizona law, “A person shall not drive or move a vehicle on a highway unless the vehicle is constructed or loaded in a manner to prevent any of its load from

dropping, sifting, leaking or otherwise escaping from the vehicle.” (A.R.S. 28-1098.A).

Good news! Litter has decreased 30% since 2006!

Keep Arizona Beautiful!

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